Perform Spell Checks on All Your Designs


Posted by Timothy Brand on April 20, 2012 in Graphics | 0 comments

Most design work involves working with text, even when doing logo work; there may be some text aspects within it so it is important to have every word spell checked.  The human eye can sometimes read words that are spelled incorrectly but that still have all the same letters.  This is particularly true when just Read More…

Nice Ways to Boost Your Graphic Work


Posted by Timothy Brand on April 17, 2012 in Graphics | 0 comments

Working with graphics does not always mean looking at the big picture but looking at the subtleties and small things as well.  While the overall image is important, sometimes some little in the right place can take a graphic that is just ok and turn it into something stunning.  There are so many ways to Read More…

Keep the Focus on Your Brand


Posted by Timothy Brand on April 12, 2012 in graphic design, Graphics | 0 comments

One of the hardest things about creating new graphic artwork for your company is staying within the brand.  There are so many cool new graphic looks and filters that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is appropriate for your company. It is important to keep your brand consistent no matter what it is Read More…

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