WordPress Trends for 2014

What is In and What is Out – WordPress Trends for 2014

After hitting the internet just a decade ago, this format for building websites has become the top used web creation sites around and is not only used for bloggers but by Fortune 500 companies too. In the time that it’s been around, there have been many trends that have come and gone. So, what’s in and what’s out in 2014 for WordPress?

Learning Time Management from Team Fortress 2

Learning Time Management from Team Fortress 2

Last week I reinstalled a video game I hadn’t played in almost two years. For those that don’t know, Team Fortress 2 is a popular video game from Valve. The objective of the game is to stop the other team from doing various tasks depending on the map you are playing on. Needless to say,…

Wordpress 3.8 Releases a New Design

WordPress 3.8 Releases a New Design

As a designer I love that WordPress allows for such a wide variety of artistic choices when approaching a new theme build. In the WordPress 3.8 release the developers allowed that same variety with the new design they chose. There are now eight new color schemes that admins can choose from for their dashboard. That…


How to Customize a WordPress Page or Post

Ever had a hard time customizing a WordPress page or post? We all have at some point. I’m going to share with you some tips on how to customize your pages or posts. Due to every theme being different I can’t say that all of the content in this article is going to apply to…

When to Change your Branding

When to Change your Branding

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new look to all of my accounts. That’s because I have been working on re-branding my business for the last six months or so. Why did I change my branding? I had a change in focus and direction for my business and my image needed…


Using WordPress to Master Your Content Marketing

There is a reason why WordPress is at the top of the list of CMS options today. It offers more in terms of form and functionality than any other CMS. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and contains great access to support. If you are struggling with something within your WordPress website, there’s a…

Wordpress Theme Development Tips

3 WordPress Theme Development Tips

For the last few months I have been working on a theme I will be releasing to the WordPress community for free. In the process of doing this I have learned a lot and I wanted to take some time to share those things with you. I have learned a lot more than three things…


Thanksgiving WordPress Website Special

Happy Thanksgiving! To say thank you to my loyal readers and clients, I am offering a holiday special. If you are looking to redesign or re-implement your website, or launch a new website to get a jumpstart in your industry, take advantage of this special holiday price. For a very limited time only- between now…

Twitter bird

Do You Want More Twitter Followers?

One of the biggest worries for those who are on Twitter is gaining a larger following.  For companies, followers are an intricate part of their SEO efforts and it is vital that they have as many as possible in order to get better search engine rankings.  One issue is figuring out how to get more…

Tips for Running Your Small Business While Sick

Tips for Running Your Small Business While Sick

Working while you’re sick is hard. Running a business while sick is even harder. Recently I got sick for three weeks straight. I struggled to keep working when I could barely see the computer screen. While I did take some time off, I worked through those three weeks and managed to even take on new…