Web & Graphic Designer, Father, Gamer and GolferTimothy Brand

“Design solutions for your business”

I have been working as a professional web and graphic designer since 2005. I served in the United States Navy for five years as a Hospital Corpsman detached to the Marine Corps out of Camp Pendleton, CA. My military service has taught me a lot about working with different people from all over the world. It also helped me to be disciplined as well as organized. Working specifically in the medical field, I learned to handle situations of high stress and get the job done.

Since my military service I’ve has been working with small businesses and professionals such as:

  • Medical Providers
  • Lawyers
  • Marketers
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Video Game Developers / Fan Sites
  • Travel Agencies
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Real Estate Agencies

You can see samples of my work as well as case studies on my portfolio page.

When not working on projects, you will find me either on the golf course or playing some of my favorite video games. Some of my favorite games are Zelda, SWToR, Civilization, Neverwinter Nights, Madden and Smackdown vs Raw. The reason I love games and golf so much is because of their ability to keep you self motivated. I am strongly independent and like to work out problems when they arise.